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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Farbenwald - Wer wird bei dir sein?

Between 2005 and 2007 TJ and his buddy Micki Marbh got together irregularly as FARBENWALD to record some tracks.

In summer of 2010 Micki and TJ performed the TJ penned song "Wer wird bei dir sein?" at Dublin South FM live in the studio.

Enjoy the track!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Woman ft. Amelia Earhart

A wee song build around royalty free soundclips from aviation legend Amelia Earhart who vanished in 1937.

Enjoy the song

Pearl Harbour 2012

Listen HERE

Originally released in 1990
newer version released in 2008
This is a brandnew version

Farbenwald - Mit dir im Nirgendwo

unreleased 2007 track

Der Teufel (Remix)

Musik: Digital Dreams
Titel: Der Teufel (Remix 2011)
Video & Mix: Micki Marbh

Originally released on the album "Digital Dreams - Vesicula" in 1996,
re-released on "Digital Dreams - Best Of" in 2008

Remixed by Micki Marbh

Songs from "Love Letters From Cyberspace"

Listen to some of the album HERE


Low quality clip

From the 2009 release "TJ - Painted Dreams"


Originally released in 1996

re-released in 2008 on "Digital Dreams - Best Of" (follow this link for more songs)

This is a 2011 remix by Micki Marbh

Change is everywhere

From the 2011 album "Final Composition - Pure"

Listen to more songs here


July 2011

I am here to stay

new song that will probably end up on the new CD "The Rainbow Bridge" (working title) planned to be released in 2012. Visit (c) 2011 tj-productions

The Rainbow Bridge

Brandnew chill out track only using the Korg Monotribe and the Walldorf Blofeld. This is the main theme for the current CD production, see, (c) 2011 tj-productions

The declaration

A chill out track based around an arabic language sample about the declaration of human rights, courtesy of Omniglot

From the forthcoming album "The Rainbow Bridge"

Falling Apart

Song from the forthcoming release "TJ - The Rainbow Bridge",
c) 2011 tj-productions.

Mind Travelling (2003)

In 2003 the meditation CD "Forests of Life" was ready for the shelves but TJ decided not to release it. The album remains unreleased to this day. One song from the album found its way onto the 2005 release "TJ-Sensitivity (the very best of)" - it is a beautiful instrumental track that I wanted to share with all of you (again)