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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

TJ - The Journey reviewed by VAGABONDAGE

TJ's 15th release "TJ - The Journey" has just been reviewed by the Irish online magazine "Vagabondage". This is what they had to say:

Following on from the wonderful and massive album that is rainbow bridge. My fellow animal rights activist and close friend Thomas Janak has now released a new album called the journey.
The journey is quite simply does exactly what is says on the album cover when i put on the cd and listened to the album for the first time i have to say i really enjoyed the soothing chilled out vibes and also with a hint of good electronica that would be reminiscent of germany’s kraftwerk with thomas’s own unique style of making his good blissed out beats to listen to with also very thoughtful and relaxing lyrics to listen to as well.

The opening track that opens the album is called the journey i have to say i liked what it offered with its futuristic sounds and blissed put beats which i found was also quite relaxing and ohh so calming to

The next song that stood out for me was the song wrong. it had such a relaxing sound with soothing beats and it was also a sad song but sad is always good it was to me quite a personal song and it was one of heart break and those who may have been let down i have to say i enjoyed it a lot and thomas’s voice made it quite soothing to listening to.

The next track on the album was the superb into the city. this song for me had good uptempo beats and reminds of well going out and having a good time at discos you could maybe even create your own little disco at home with this track i have to say i really enjoyed the track a lot.

The next track that really put the album on the map for me was the sublime sacred life its just so calm and relaxing to listening to and its also reminds me of being one with nature and its also a great track to listen to while doing yoga as well which helped me while doing my yoga sessions at home.

I have to say i listen to this cd a few times over and every time i listen to it i cant help but find more ways to love this cd and with thomas janaks soothing voice and working of words with his awesome lyrics i would strongly recommend if anyone needs a cd to relax and listen to at home while working studying and wants a break away from the commercial chill out albums i would highly recommand the journey. The journey has something for everyone and i can assure you wont be disappointed

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Monday, April 1, 2013


TJ's new album "The Journey" is also out now and you can preview the track here

Richard Keogh & TJ - Sun and moon and stars

Thomas "TJ" Janak is currently working on a CD project with his buddy Richard Keogh. Here's a new track for you to enjoy.

The two-piece is cureently roughly halfway through the recordings and well on their way to have an album ready asap.

Friday, February 8, 2013

TJ - "Wrong" and "The Journey"

With album 15 on the way we're happy to share two brandnew tracks from the forthcoming album: "TJ - The Journey" with you.

Pls listen to WRONG and the title track THE JOURNEY